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The Tecom Systems Challenger integrated alarm and access control panel, first released to the security industry in 1989, is widely accepted as a versatile, quality, Australian-made product. Challenger's flexible design makes it the benchmark for alarm and access control systems. The Challenger panel is the heart and soul of the system, with its modular 'add as you go' design. The panel allows expansion and control of the system with a range of ancillary panels, controllers, readers and LAN devices. Suitable for locations with special needs, the Challenger has been installed in universities, financial institutions, chain stores, supermarkets and prisons. A large number of Challenger panels are also used to secure homes and small businesses.

The Challenger is flexible. Its design allows you to control just a few access doors and alarm inputs, or expand it to control thousands of doors, inputs and users. Built-in alarm reporting facilities ensure every Challenger input, door, field controller - or in fact any device on the encrypted LAN network - when programmed, automatically report a change of status on a 24-hour basis to a remote location.

The power to grow even further...
Whether running from its own LAN, or via a PC network, Challenger meets your needs...with printers or with ARES and TITAN management software.

To give you more control over your security needs, and to increase the flexibility of your Challenger Panel; with a TSOO91 Computer and Printer interface installed you can connect to a computer running Ares or Titan management software. Whether your site is big or small, the Titan and Ares management software packages car handle every aspect of your security needs. Titan and Ares programming and control, user and alarm, history reports, event, logs, access control and Photo-id.

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