PREVENTING CRIME Before its Committed, Not After!


Thanks to some new and advanced image compression technology incorporated in the Pacom series of digital recorders, it is now possible to record high quality images at excellent refresh rate without costing a fortune.

SmartGuard - Live Monitoring Program
A simple yet comprehensive system control panel. As this is quite often the control interface for non skilled staff, the SmartGuard screen has been carefully designed to be simple and easy to understand for almost anybody. Full control of the live SVGA display and spot monitor (also a multiscreen display on the 3016IDR) are available from this screen.

SmartGuard - Alarm handling for external inputs and integral video motion sensing.
SmartGuard has advanced alarm handling and can accept up to 16 external hard wired alarm inputs. An internal video motion sensing facility also detects movement on armed cameras. The system can record in standby mode with pre-alarm and post alarm image capture. Each camera may be configured to respond individually to a combination of alarm inputs, the internal timer schedule or video motion sensing. Sixteen alarm outputs are also provided and can be used to set off external lights, sirens etc.

Using the high quality and durable range of cameras available from Kings Security Services combined with the reliable recording systems, you can't go wrong.

* High quality digital video recording for up to 16 cameras.
* Inovative MLJPEG video compression provides extremely low data storage requirements for high quality imaging.
* True Pentaplex operation for simultaneous live monitoring, recording, playback, archiving and remote image access.
* SVGA main monitor output and additional real-time, multiscreen spot monitor output..
* Integral Video Motion Sensing for better image recording management and sophisticated image search filters.
* Fully networkable over LAN, WAN or ISDN networks for live viewing or recorded image file transfer.
* Digital Image Watermarking prevents image tampering and a fingerprinted recording sequence prevents image removal.
* Supports DVDRAM and SONY AIT removable media.

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