PREVENTING CRIME Before its Committed, Not After!


Kings Security energisers and ancillary equipment have been developed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant international and Australian Safety Standards.

Guaranteed Reliability - Kings electronic equipment is backed by a 24 month warranty. All Kings agents installations carry certification. We will custom design a system to suit your location and requirements and offer you an obligation free quote. Contact Kings for more information.

The monitored electric fence system offer the following benefits:

* Very strong deterrent.
* Physical repellent.
* Activates the alarm before any damage occurs to your property.
* Communicates the alarm condition; any attempt to breach the security which occurred to the location nominated by you ie: guard house or monitoring station
* Can be interfaced with security lights ie: alarm activated - lights come on.
* Can be installed in conjunction with the CCTV system and will allow you to view the area which is under alarm instantly.
* Monitors the whole fence line at all times.
* It is not affected by normal weather conditions.
* Does not discriminate or select; activates the alarm and repels all unauthorised entry attempts.
* Any attempt to tamper with the system will cause an alarm condition, even in day mode.
The Kings Security Monitored Electric Fence System is responsible for a massive reduction in break and enters and our ever growing list of satisfied clients would be only to happy to verify the benefits of an electric fence.