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Axis network cameras

A wide portfolio of products for professional video surveillance.



network cameras
The video surveillance market is thriving, driven by increased public and private security awareness. At the same time, the market is rapidly undergoing a technology shift where analog CCTV systems are being replaced by network video – a technology that started at Axis. Axis invented the first network camera in 1996, and continues to lead the market. Today, Axis provides the market’s widest range of network cameras, delivering key benefits to video surveillance users.
Experience the benefits of Axis network cameras
> Remote and secure access to live and recorded video. Axis network cameras can be accessed at any time from any networked device, ensuring cost-efficient and flexible video management.
> Sharper images for reliable identification. Axis network cameras extend beyond PAL/NTSC, and allow much higher resolution. In addition, many Axis network cameras use progressive scan to minimize motion blur.
Powerful event management with intelligent video. Systems with Axis network cameras can automatically look for and act upon different events and threats. This drastically reduces staff workload, lowers bandwidth and storage requirements, and enables more reliable and effective video surveillance.
Scalable, easy to integrate and future proof. Axis network cameras, based on an open technology platform, can be easily integrated into other systems such as access control or point of sales, allowing for continued expansion and increased functionality.
Lower total cost of ownership. Axis network cameras work with standard IP networks, computers and servers, and support Power over Ethernet, to ensure substantial savings in installation, management and equipment costs.

Network cameras for any need
Axis network cameras are divided into categories based on functionality and suitability for specific customer needs. With the industry’s most complete portfolio of network cameras, Axis can provide professional video surveillance solutions for any indoor or outdoor situation.

Fixed network cameras
A fixed network camera meets a variety of application needs, and its traditional camera design adds a deterring effect. The viewing direction is set once the camera is mounted. There are several models including those with a varifocal lens and/or exchangeable lenses for increased flexibility. Housings are available for mounting the camera outdoors or in harsh environments.

Fixed dome network cameras

A fixed dome network camera is a compact camera solution with a dome casing. Its main benefit lies in its discreet, non-obtrusive design, as well as in the fact that it is difficult to see in which direction the camera is pointing. The camera’s dome casing design offers effective protection against tampering or vandalism.

PTZ network cameras

A PTZ network camera offers network video functionality combined with pan/tilt/zoom capability, allowing the operator to redirect the camera and to follow moving objects. The camera’s movement is easily controlled over the network via a joystick attached to a computer or a keyboard/mouse. Different models are available for different application needs: a PTZ network camera where both movement and viewing direction are visible, a more discreet model where all moving parts are inside the casing, or a model with no moving parts.

PTZ dome network cameras

A PTZ dome network camera provides full flexibility by offering 360-degree pan, 180-degree tilt, extensive zooming capabilities and advanced mechanical design for continuous camera movement. PTZ domes are ideal for live monitoring, where the user needs to actively follow a person or object. They can also be operated in guard tour mode, where the camera automatically moves between preset positions.

Axis network cameras - How they work
Axis network cameras enable users to remotely view and record live video from anywhere in the world. They use standard IP networks such as local area networks (LANs) and the Internet for transporting information rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling, such as that used in analog video systems. This ensures a cost-effective, flexible and scalable video surveillance solution that can be easily expanded as needs evolve.

Full range of network cameras
Axis’ broad range of high-quality network cameras meet a variety of customer needs. They include day and night, indoors and outdoors, wireless, IP-66 rated, vandal-protected, megapixel and HDTV network cameras.
Wired and wireless connections For optimal installation flexibility, some Axis network cameras offer a wireless connection to the network. This is useful, for example, in a building where the installation of network cables would not be possible, or within a facility such as a retail outlet where there is a need to move the camera to new locations on a regular basis without having to pull network cables to every location.
Integration with other systems
There are almost no limitations as to where a network camera can be placed. Axis network cameras have the
capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, creating a continually developing system. A fully integrated Axis network video system can be used for a multitude of applications simultaneously such as access control, building management, point-of-sales systems, ATMs, as well as fire, intruder and visitor management.

Megapixel and HDTV network cameras

Megapixel network cameras enable at least three times higher resolution of video images than can be provided by analog CCTV. An HDTV network camera provides even better video quality with full frame rate and excellent color representation. Megapixel and HDTV technology enhances the ability to identify people and objects.

Accessories help build complete solutions
Axis provides a wide range of accessories to facilitate the installation and maintenance of a network video system. This includes protective camera housings, mountings, illuminators, lenses and equipment for Power over Ethernet. Accessories from Axis ensure straightforward installation and superior performance.

Video management and digital storage
Axis network cameras are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software. Video images are digitally recorded on standard computer servers instead of proprietary equipment such as DVRs (digital video recorders), which radically reduces management and equipment costs. All video data can be saved on a central server – even in a remote location to prevent tampering – with efficient access from any authorized computer. Multiple installation sites can be monitored and managed from one location.


Outdoor and day/night video surveillance

Many video surveillance cameras are placed in tough environments. Axis provides cameras that are resistant to dust, vibrations, humidity and vandalism. Many Axis cameras come with automatic day and night functionality that ensures good image quality even during nighttime -outdoors as well as indoors. Axis also offers an extensive portfolio of protective housings.