PREVENTING CRIME Before its Committed, Not After!

Milestone XProtectBasis+
Top performance IP video surveillance with an expanded feature set.

XProtect Basis+ is the right product for small installations that need robust single-server surveillance software with expanded functionality. XProtect Basis+ supports up to 25 cameras simultaneously with the widest choice of network video and computer hardware equipment.


Freedom to choose: Compatible with more than 500 different IP-based video camera and encoder products (MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264, MPEG4 ASP, MxPEG) from more than 50 different vendors.
Dependable, robust and stable: Proven in daily operation in more than 45,000 customer installations worldwide.
High performance: Achieved on standard computer equipment by utilizing powerful multi-threaded technology.
Feature-rich remote acces: Reach your video surveillance data from any location at any time.
Export evidence material fast: Deliver authentic video proof to public authorities or for internal investigations.
Future-safe: The IP approach is the foundation of tomorrow – available today. Ongoing product enhancements give you long-term returns on your surveillance investment.

Key Product Features
Advanced video management tools

Single-server video surveillance solution: Unlimited recording of MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264, MPEG4 ASP, MxPEG video from IP cameras and IP video encoders with analog cameras.
Automatic camera model detection: Supports more than 500 IP cameras and IP video encoder models from over 50 different vendors.
Single-server: Supporting up to 25 cameras including recording activated by motion or event with speed-up functionality.
Scheduled archiving: Move video data hourly to a local drive.
User-initiated start and stop of recording: Based on access privileges set by the administrator, client users can manually start recording for a pre-defined span of time.
Built-in Video Motion Detection: Independent of camera model and supporting up to 25 cameras simultaneously.

Live view and playback: From access clients supporting up to 25 cameras simultaneously.
Advanced views layout: Work with private and shared server- stored camera views containing up to 8x8 layouts, Hotspot and Carousel elements, static and active HTML maps.
Intelligent PTZ: Manual control, presets and joystick control.
Input/Output Event Control: Via cameras or networked I/O devices for event control, manual event buttons and event list in recordings.
Single-channel audio: Listen-in and recording with instant playback.

Post-recording processing: Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) with optional image smoothing, or IPIX post-recording PTZ.
Evidence export: JPEG, AVI and WAV formats.
Authentication: Local Microsoft® Windows® User Account and Groups, and XProtect user names and passwords.
Authorization: Local Microsoft Windows User Accounts and Groups, and XProtect user profiles, all controlling access privileges and allowed actions at camera level.
Logging: Stores user actions by time, locations and cameras, and full system operation.
Alerting: Notify users on event or motion detection by sound and e-mail.

“Value Place can record all transactions and also use it for training to assist the front-office people with any questions they may have. The corporate office can log on remotely if there are incidents or events to check, make sure the standard processes are following the corporate quality requirements, and if any modifications are necessary.” – Steve Johnson, Account Manager at ISG Technology Inc.

Detailed Product Features
XProtect Basis+ Server modules

Simultaneous digital multi-channel video and single-channel audio recording.
Connectivity to cameras and video encoders supports MJPEG, MPEG4, MPEG4 ASP, H.264 and MxPEG.
Auto-detect camera models during setup.
Up to 25 installed cameras with simultaneous recording and live view.
Recording technology: secure high speed database holding JPEG images or MPEG4 and MxPEG streams including audio.
Recording speed: 30+ frames per second per camera, limited only by hardware.
Recording quality depends entirely on camera and video server capabilities.
Start cameras on live view requests from clients.
Unlimited recording capacity with hourly archiving possible.
Built-in, real time, camera independent motion detection (VMD); fully adjustable sensitivity, zone exclusions, recording activation with frame rate speed up, and alert activation through email.
PTZ preset positions, up to 25 per camera.
Client-initiated start of recording based on pre-defined recording time and access privileges.
Recording Server runs as a Windows Service.
Send Wash and Wipe commands to supported PTZ models.

Playback recorded video and audio locally on the Recording Server.
View up to 16 cameras time-synched during playback.
Scrollable activity timeline with magnifying feature.
Instant search on recordings based on date/time and activity/ alarm (Video Motion Detection).
Evidence can be generated as a printed report with time and date stamp, as a JPEG image, or in AVI film.
Export audio recordings in WAV or AVI format.
Export video digitally zoomed to view area of interest only and to minimize export footprint size.
Option to send email.
De-interlacing of video from analog cameras.
IPIX technology for PTZ in 360° recorded images.

Remote access for Smart and Remote Clients.
Built-in web server for download and launch of clients and plug-ins.
Authenticate access based on local Microsoft Windows account database, or XProtect user name and password.
Authorize access privileges per local Microsoft Windows user accounts and groups, XProtect user profile or grant full access.
User profiles control access to: Live view, PTZ, PTZ presets, output control, events and audio; Playback, AVI export, JPEG export, Sequences and Audio.
Setup, Edit private views, Edit public views.
Audit logs of exported evidence by user and file.
Audit logs of client user activity by time, locations and cameras.

Detailed Product Features
XProtect Basis+ client modules


View live video or play back 1-16 cameras´ recordings from the server simultaneously.
Advanced video navigation including fast/slow playback, jump to date/time, single step and video motion search.
Individual views can be user-defined in various layouts: view or playback camera images simultaneously in the same view.
Access to shared views can be controlled centrally via the server.
Import static or active HTML maps for fast navigation to cameras and good premise overviews.
Control output port relay operation, like control of gates.
Quick overview of sequences with detected motion and preview window.
Quick overview of events/alerts.
Control PTZ cameras remotely, also using preset positions.
Remote PTZ Point-and-Click control.
Remote PTZ zoom to a marked rectangle.
IPIX 1×2 or 2×2 ‘Quad View’ for viewing all 360° at once.
Optional video compression in streaming from server to client gives better use of bandwidth.
Create AVI files or save JPEG images.
Print incident reports with free text user comments.
System logon using XProtect user name and password.


Detailed Product Features
XProtect Basis+ client modules

Smart Client includes all the features of XProtect Remote Client plus more:
Live view digital zoom allows regular size recording while the operator can digitally zoom in to see details.
Installed per default on Recording Server for local viewing and playback of video and audio.
Start recording on cameras for a pre-defined time (default 5 minutes). Subject to privileges set by administrator.
’Update On Motion Only’ optimizes CPU usage by letting motion detection control whether the image should be decoded and displayed or not. The visual effect is a still image in the view until motion is detected.
Shared and private camera views offer 1×1 up to 8×8 layouts in addition to asymmetric views.
Hotspot function for working in detail with a camera selected from a view containing multiple cameras.
Cameras’ built-in audio sources available live and in playback.
Go to PTZ preset positions directly from camera menu.
Go to a specific camera directly from camera menu.
Copy camera images to clipboard.
Send Wash and Wipe commands to supported PTZ by programming keyboard shortcuts or joystick buttons.
Digital zoom function is enabled per default for fixed cameras in live view and for fixed and PTZ cameras in playback mode.
AVI export automatically includes assigned audio source.
Assign outputs, PTZ presets, events and views as actions to joystick buttons and as keyboard shortcuts.
Current camera state is displayed as text in title bar of live view item window as green (live), red (recording) or yellow (stopped).
Video quality is optimized when maximizing live and playback windows.
Context sensitive help function.
Manually trigger events by activating an administrator-defined event from a list.
Audible alerts activated by motion detection or event occurrence per camera.
Graphical timeline displays scrollable view of recorded sequences by adjustable time spans for an excellent graphical overview of when images have been recorded.
Digital zoom function is also available in playback mode.
Image printing features.
Assign keyboard shortcuts to common actions.
Assign joystick buttons to common actions.
System logon using Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) challenge handshake with local Microsoft Windows user account database.

Compatible with XProtect Transact that integrates video surveillance with ATM or POS cash register systems for managing loss prevention and fraud.
Integrate with access control systems, alarms, gates, building management systems, etc. using hardware I/O and internal events.
Create, import and use HTML pages for navigation between views in XProtect Smart and Remote Clients.